CUBA EPICA! is a documentary feature about what will happen next to Cuba following the death of it’s Revolutionary Leader Fidel Castro.

It asks those who documented the very start of the Revolution and also Castro’s last days, the Photographers.

Photography has always had a very special place in Cuban life, it was the main way that The Revolution got news to the people. It’s still important today, more so than television, but with the changes in Cuba that will change also.

As film makers we were lucky enough to be at Fidel’s 90th birthday celebration, but sadly also there for his funeral. We were the only none Cuban’s given access.

We are looking for completion funding to go back and finish this film. Katie Goldfinch will be at Cannes meeting with funders, if you’re interested please get in touch.

Here’s a snippet, if you’d like to see the full sizzle just email and we can send you the link.